Q) Are the medical degrees from Russian Universities recognized?
As per the amendment to the Indian Medical Act, 1956, any Indian student intending to study medicine in any medical college anywhere in abroad for a graduate medical course has to obtain an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India, New Delhi before joining the medical college abroad. After the successful completion of the course, the student is expected to appear or a screening test conducted by the National Board of Examination (http://www.natboard.nic.in) as required by the Medical Council of India (http://www.mciindia.org) prior to the registration with the Medical Council of India. The academic requirement for the eligibility certificate as defined by the Medical Council of India for the general is an aggregate 50% marks in the Physics / Chemistry and Biology and 40% incase of the reserved category. More details could be obtained from the Medical Council of India either from their office in New Delhi or from their official website. We guide the students to appear for the medical qualifying exams in India.
Post Graduate courses from no where in the world are registered with the Medical Council of India or the Dental Council of India. This would mean that you would be unable to neither work as a specialist in a government hospital nor teach the specialization learnt. You would however, have your own private practice or work in a private hospital. Since you would be doing your specialization from a University, which is listed by the WHO in its "Directory of world medical schools", you would be eligible to appear for screening examinations to many screening examinations like PLAB etc.

Q) Does the student have to give any entrance examination for joining the university in Russia?
Unlike the other countries, there are no pre-qualifying examinations like CET, TOEFL, IELTS, etc for admission to the Universities in Russia. The admissions are based on the 12th standard marks for the Graduate courses and as per the equivalency of the Indian graduate degree with the Russian degrees for the post graduate courses. All admissions are strictly on a first come first served basis.

Q)Is it necessary to know Russian language before entry in the Russian institute/ university?
No, but in this case it is necessary to take preliminary training on preparatory courses (Foundation). The courses are offered by reputable Russian universities. As a rule, the program includes studying of Russian language and 2-3 profile (core) subjects.

Q)What is the invitation process?
Each foreigner for visiting Russia should get the visa in the Russian Embassy abroad. It is required that administration of the chosen institute/university applies for issue of visa to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. After approval of the application, the administration of the chosen institute/university sends to the student the invitation letter, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sends by telex to the Russian Embassy the sanction on issue of visa. The Consulate department can give out the visa after reception of the telex from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only. According to the newly reestablished rules, the process takes about up to 1.5-2 months.

Q)Can russiastudy.blogspot.com help the students with the bank Loans?
russiastudy.blogspot.com could guide the student/parent with regards to the bank loans available and also guide the students about the loan formalities. russiastudy.blogspot.com could also support the student with all the documents that he / she would require from the University. However, the student/parent would have to fulfill the eligibility regarding the issuance of the bank loan and the responsibility of securing the loan would remain with the student.

Q)Will I be accompanied on my trip to enroll at University for the first time?
First time students going to Russia are required to travel with us in a group with other students. As part of our services, Students will be accompanied and met at the Airport and brought to the University to register and to check-in to student hostels.

Q)When would the student need to pay his/her tuition fees? How and where should they pay it?
Students who are enrolled for the preparatory course and the first academic year must pay their tuition fees to us prior the begining of the study at the University in Russia. For subsequent years, tuition fees must be paid prior to beginning of the next academic year at the University. Students may choose to pay, in cash, directly to the University in Russia. But, to avoid carrying large sums of money to Russia, students are advised to pay their fees through us (via bank-draft), and we will then transmit the fees to the University. Incase the fees are not received by the University within 3 days of the student arriving in Russia, the University would be unable to register the student with the local immigration department and he would be issued an exit visa to return back to India, a process which takes around 10-14 days. Till such time, the student would need to stay in one of the hotels, which would cost him around US$ 50-150 per dame.

Q) How much are the living expenses in Russia?
Generally a student could stay quite comfortably requiring around US$ 80 - US$ 100 per month. This figure is approximate and would differ from city to city; person to person based on his / her living standards.

Q) Can a student open a bank account?
Yes, a student could open a bank account in his name.

Q) Is medical treatment available in the Universities?
Yes. The medical treatment in Russia is free of cost and the university covers the medical insurance for the students.

Q) How do I make my travel arrangements?
We assists the students to make their travel arrangements like air ticket, immigration clearance etc.

Q) What would I need to carry with me along to Russia?
Make sure you carry with you the following documents:
Passport (original)
Air Ticket
Copy of the visa invitation
Copy of the visa
Foreign exchange for the fees / living expenses
Mark sheet as well as certificate of 10th , 12th std.
Degree mark sheet and transcript for P.G. students.
Internship completion certificate (for P. G. students only)
Admission letter
20 colored photographs of 3.5 X 3.5 cm size.
HIV free medical certificate.
You are requested to refer to the list of items to carried during traveling

Q) What is the type of accommodation that is given by the Universities in Russia?
University provides enough places in the hostels for all international students with comfortable living condition. All hostels are supplied with cold and hot water and central heating system, each room contains beds, a desk, chairs,storage space and telephone facility.

Q) Does the University and the Hostel have mess facilities?
Cafeterias and mess facilities are available. Indian, Chinese, Arabian, Italian and Malaysian mess are also available.

Q) What would be the type of food generally found in Russia?
All types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available. There is a rich variety of milk products and fruits available.

Q) How do I contact my parents or friends down in India?
Telephone and internet facilities are available all over Russia. Students have free access to internet at university. Also students can buy mobile phone with which they can contact their friends and parents down in India.

Q) When does the university have vacations?
There are two types of vacations in Russian medical universities.
Winter vacation : 20th January to 5th February
Summer vacation : 1st July to 31st August
Note : In summer and winter vacation students can visit their home country or can stay there in Russia.