Engineering as a profession offers multitude of opportunities and will never go out of fashion or reach a point of saturation.Russia was always famous for top-level education in different spheres of Engineering and many of its universities are considered to be the schools of educational excellence, having a potential for real greatness. A long-term history of these universities provides many examples of creating a great number of the world-known scientific contributions in developing different fields such as space engineering, heating engineering, biophysics, aerodynamics, radio physics, radio electronics, optics, laser technology, dynamics, strength of machines, theoretical and experimental physics, mathematics, cybernetics and computer sciences, discovering of new energy sources, solving new scientific and technological problems, implementing of new methods of energy generating, distributing and consuming.

The aim of these schools is to train skillful artisans with a solid theoretical background to improve and spread skills in various trades.. The most important ingredient of graduate education is the combination of fundamental theoretical knowledge with profound engineering skills, enabling students to solve the current problems of contemporary science and modern industries.

Well-known academicians, scientists, astronauts number amongst alumni and professors: Academician A.N.Tupolev (class "TU" aircraft), Mikoyan A.I. (class "MIG" aircraft), Jakovlev A.S. (class "JAK" aircraft), S.P.Korolev, academician N.A.Dollezhal, chief designer of atomic piles, academician A.I.Tselikov, chief designer of metallurgical engineering, academician S.A.Lebedev, chief designer of computers, Nobel Prize winners, the members of Russian Academy of Sciences, winners of different National Prizes.

Engineering University/Institutes Russia

• Irkutsk State Technical University

• Saratov Technical University

• Tomsk Technical University

• Samara Technical University

• Vladivostok Technical University

• Kursk Technical University

• Novosibirsk Technical University
• St.Petersburg Technical University

• Tver Technical University

• Tombov Technical University

• Belgorod Technical University

• Ural State Technical University

• Nizhny Novogorod State University

• Moscow State Technical University

Engineering Courses Russia

 • Aerospace Engineering
• Arcitecture (Engligh)
• Building Structures
• Civil Engineering (English)
• Chemical Technology
• Electronics & Communication Engineering (English)
• Forestry Engineering
• Heat Power Engineering
• Information Technology (English)
• Mechanical Engineering (English)
• Municipal Engineering
• Radio Engineering
• Instrumentation Technology (English)
• Water Supply, Sewerage
• Bioengineering & Medical Equipment
• Chemical Engineering (English)
• Computer Science & Engineering (English)
• Electrical Engineering (English)
• Food Technology
• Mining Engineering
• Highway Engineering
• Technological Machines & Equipment Technology
• Naval & Ocean Engineering
• Railway Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering Technology (English)
• Petroleum Engineering
• Welding Technology
• Ship Building